Our Infrastructure

In Infrastructure we have the facility of good warehouse/ Factory and Office. Our company main focus is to supply chain, logistics and delivery on time. We also have facility of loading and unloading of the stocks. We give the facilities of the vehicles for delivery to the parties or to the transporter on time. We had also a good relationship with the different transporter/Courier Company of Odisha. My company had a good management team and also had a vast manpower to look after the different department like Production, Finance, Accounting, stock managing, dispatch manager, Marketing team etc. it also had different professional people to handle different IT department like Tax of the company and also had a good legal team. In the office we had the Fax Machine, Desktop and Printer (Print, Scan & Photo Copy) facility too. The company follow update version of accounting software and we give the report to the company on time. The team of the company keep you update about everything by using different means of communications like E-mail, Mobile, Website etc. The company who gets associated with us is always satisfied by seeing the way we provide them the service and the support in every form.

  • Godown Space : 25000 Sqft
  • Office Space : 600 Sqft
  • Factory Space : 2000 Sqft
  • Transport : Delivery Purpose Own Vehicle .: 2 Trucks

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